The Vaporization of Vision: Running on Empty and Going Where?!

How many of us looking back on our lives wish someone would have guided us and encouraged us to briefly sit and think through where we were going in life and why?  How many of us wish we would have known earlier those things that could have helped us make better decisions, helped us make better use of our time, helped us get through seasons of life without so much unnecessary struggle? How many of us had no idea where we were going in life but just “took it as it came” and landed “wherever”? How many of us wish someone would have sat and worked with us training us how to manage time, organize life, prioritize, and complete long-term projects? How many of us wish we had had a trusted, wise person to bounce ideas off and get feedback?

For most of us, this was a wish, but not a reality.  Yet, for this next generation, our children, shouldn’t we do more than just wish for a guide for our kids.  Shouldn’t we as parents seek to gift this guidance and training to our kids knowing what an impact it would have made in our own lives?

We know of lots of examples of where these elements of vision, time management, life strategies impacted adults in incredible ways!  The most successful adults in our culture have understood the importance of coaching for years. CEO’s, large companies who want to grow, and top athletes in our culture all seek coaches.  They seek coaches for 2 reasons: to cast vision and train for excellence.

It is an undisputed truth: humans need vision!  The ancient Hebrew proverb confirms: “Without a vision, the people perish.”   This is the great undercurrent that gives life to all that grows outwardly in human action.  Vision is the gas for the motivation engine, which in turn moves us to do great things.  Without vision, the motivation engine stops and then actions cease.  Sometimes we have outside motivation help, which is like putting a car in manual and having people push it around.  Remember the stiff steering wheel?  In the same way, our kids often stay in neutral with parents pushing them through school years.

Thus, when  these students venture out to the university, it is not surprising they encounter intense struggles often ending in failure.  Without vision to fuel their motivation, they lack scholastic tenacity: grit to master intense studies, grit to ignore distractions.  It is the students with a clear, positive vision who succeed, not only in academics, but life.

While we continue pouring content into our kids minds through intense academic classes, we must ask ourselves why our kids’ appetites to learn about the world in which they live seem to be vaporizing.  What can we do to help them pour life back into their spirits?  Gift them with a guide to help them develop vision for their future!  Gift them what you would have gifted yourself at this age:  an executive skills coach.

iBexEd Executive Skills Coaching: helping students envision their futures and giving them the tools to get there!