iBexEd has helped my daughter to have a concrete vision for her future.  As a sophomore in high school, she is really exploring what she wants going forward and is owning her education as she looks toward college.

Karen, parent of 10th grader

My child has gained in confidence each week he spends in iBexEd.  He is diligently studying and got all A’s this semester.  He is also talking about future goals and careers and thinking what about colleges would best suit him.

Kristen, parent of 11th grader

My son’s interest to do better in school has improved and he’s managing his time better.  My daughter loves working with Sharon!  She enjoys the deep conversations you all have about friends and school...which helps her anxiety.

Marie, parent of 6th and 8th grader

My son is starting to own the value of systems of organization, and he has been stretched to consider a vision beyond character.

Amy, parent of 10th grader


Through iBexEd coaching, I figured out what I want to do with my life: nursing.  I figured out how much time I really have per week and how I can better spend it.

Liz, 10th grade

iBexEd coaching helped me talk to my teachers (to ask for help and clarification).

Tiago, 6th grade

Ibex ed not only offers day to day skills to improve and enrich learning but it also offers long term success planning which relieves a lot of stress. I believe it is absolutely vital to learn these executive skills before college and I would recommend it to any students I know.

Austin, 11th grade

I like the relationships that build between the student and coach.  Also, the (home) file box!  It saved my life.  It’s probably the only thing that is organized!  Smart goals...they prepare you for the world!

Moorea, 8th grade

I have learned so much about myself and what it means to be organized. I am very grateful for Mrs. Perry's organizational coaching.

Slater, 10th grade

Before I started iBexEd I was lost in school and I could not keep up in school because I was disorganized and didn’t really know how to study. When my parents told me I was going to a person at iBexEd, my first thought was here goes another waste of time and I will again come out of the situation with what I started with: disorganization and not knowing how to study. The first time I met my coach, Sharon Perry I could tell that we had the same mindset. Her mindset was for me to succeed in school and that would help me succeed in life. When she sat down with me, I really clicked with her and I actually cared about what she had to say. She helped me with how to set goals for school and she showed me that if I would plan my day out and get my schoolwork done earlier that I could have my other time to do whatever I wanted. She gave me ways to study more effectively and actually retain my knowledge instead of sitting there for 3 hours and then not remembering anything when it came that time. I would definitely recommended iBexEd to anyone who is lost in school and I would say that it is 💯 percent not a waste of your time. 

Luke, 10th grade