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Sharon Perry, a math teacher for over 25 years in a variety of venues (public school, home school, private school, private tutoring), noticed a troubling trend among students and their parents everywhere.  Capable students were failing to thrive in school and squandering their crucial school years. Frustrated parents were agonizing over how to motivate their children in school and at home.  These students lacked vision, motivation, time management skills, organization, prioritization skills, communication skills, study strategies- executive skills and emotional intelligence- and often paid a terrible price in their next seasons of life due to the lack of these skills.

This paralleled with what her father and brother, both university professors, experienced at the college level. Students at all academic levels were laboring without the necessary tools and skills to succeed: executive skills and emotional intelligence!

Seeing this urgent need in her family and as a teacher, Sharon founded iBexEd with a vision of providing one-on-one, customized, executive skills and emotional intelligence coaching to students in Austin, Texas, and beyond helping them develop their executive skills and grow their emotional intelligence, skills foundational to their success in school, relationships, college, and career!

Through the 6-8 month process of one-on-one coaching 1 hour a week, students learn how to self-motivate, start the process of skillfully managing themselves, grow in communication skills and artful self-advocacy, and learn strategies that apply not only to school, but life. Coaches facilitate this process as they teach, guide, empower, and encourage!

At iBexEd, we have a passion for your child to “Be the G.O.A.T!” (Greatest Of All Time!)

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