iBexEd offers one-on-one academic and emotional intelligence coaching for 6th grade - college age students in time management, organization, study strategies, communication skills, motivation, and more!

Value for students:

  • Vision

    Bringing life to motivation

  • Goal Setting

    Bridges to vision

  • Strategies

    Time mgmt, organization, study skills, test taking…

  • Accountability

    Follow-through on goals and quantifying progress

  • Encouragement

    The road is not always easy

  • Enlightenment

    Connecting daily choices to goal completion

  • Hope

    Yes, they can "Be the G.O.A.T.!" (Greatest of All Time)

Boy doing homework
  • "I like the relationships that build between the student and coach. Also, the (home) file box! It saved my life. It’s probably the only thing that is organized! Smart goals...they prepare you for the world!"
    Moorea, 8th grade
  • "iBexEd has helped my daughter to have a concrete vision for her future. As a sophomore in high school, she is really exploring what she wants going forward and is owning her education as she looks toward college."
    Karen, parent of 10th grader
  • "My child has gained in confidence each week he spends in iBexEd. He is diligently studying and got all A’s this semester. He is also talking about future goals and careers and thinking what about colleges would best suit him"
    Kristen, parent of 11th grader
Girl doing homework

Value for parents:

  • Peace in family dynamics

    As a neutral adult works with your child on the critical, hard questions and issues of school and future that negatively trigger parent/child relationships!

  • Homework happiness

    As your child develops ownership of their obligations!

  • Confidence

    As your child grows in their realization that they can significantly influence their future!

  • Assurance

    Of goal progress through parent reports and student-quantification tools!

  • Satisfaction

    Of watching your child flourish and mature!

  • Hope

    Yes! Your child can "Be the G.O.A.T.!" (Greatest of All Time)